4-Channels Power Amplifier for Touring and Installation     700 W at 4Ω from each of four channels with bridgeable pairs: a single M28Q is good for powering a complete little bi-amped stereo system, a 3-way mono stack of decent size, a variety of floor monitors.   All at a quality level as can be expected ...

2-Channel Power Amplifier for Touring and Installation Like all M Series models, the M20D is an outstanding value in any smaller to medium sized sound system where an efficient, compact and good sounding amplifier is expected to work reliably over a long period. Since 2Ω-capability is usually not needed in smaller system...

The revolutionary unit for automated audio messaging and video DEVA is a patented multifunctional device that enables audio messaging and video capturing. It is equipped with several sensors (microphone, presence detector, twilight switch, accelerometer) and accessories (e.g. LED lights). Its highly efficient design limits...

With up to 4,800 W the K2 is the “smallest” amplifier in K Series. Built on the same technologies and features as present in the bigger models, it makes a full-fledged member of the amplifier line that changed the face and direction of the professional audio amplification market. Only 8kg/17.6lbs light, the K2 i...

Sekali lagi, kami kembali dipercaya oleh salah satu pabrikan produk power amplifier ternama di dunia untuk mendistribusikan produk-produknya di Indonesia; Powersoft. Power amplifier yang diproduksi oleh Powersoft dapat ditemui system array di berbagai stadion, theme park, gedung pertunjukan airport convention center, gere...

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