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Kairos Multi Jaya is an independent contractor and distributing firm specializing in sound system design, and the design of room acoustic for improved sound system performance and speech intelligibility.

We are also trusted by distinguished brands of professional audio to represent and distribute their products in Indonesia.


We have many years of practical hands-on experience that brought us to well known sound system contracting firm in the country.


We offer wide range of sound system design, specification and testing, acoustical design, test and measurement; and computer room modeling.


Company history



Founded in 2000, PT Kairos Multi Jaya, has lead Indonesia in the area of professional audio system.


The merger with one of the biggest and sophisticate rental company in Indonesia, PT Sumber Ria Sound, has established a firm structure for PT Kairos Multi Jaya to be a sound contractor. The account of Sumber Ria Sound varies from churches with 40,000 congregation for their crusade, private televisions for their live broadcast concert, hotels for their multi purposes ballrooms , state province government for their local program such as National Sport Competition and other state programs, to foreign artist who come to Indonesia.


From listen to result

We listen, design, specify and install both sound and audio/video presentation system for broad range of facilities including churches, arenas, broadcasters, corporate, educational, entertainment, government, institutional, sport venues, theme parks and theaters.


We evaluate existing sound system as well and provide the customer with a budget required up grade system. We also provide recommendations for acoustical treatment and room shape for venues of all sizes and application.


How we do it

We evaluate the user’s problematic and technical requirement and develop the design using the most cost effective products and materials. All design is NOT done by word but by computer aided design for room stimulation and result. We provide the budgetary proposal to the owner and manage to fit the owner estimate without sacrificing the quality.


The installation will be done by experienced personnel and follow the world standard criteria.
Our turn-key offer will benefit our customer for best value for money. When customer prefer to have a consultant we would work closely and provide the necessary design disciplines such as “shop drawing”, “technical drawing” and “as built drawing” etc all done by standard drawing software available.
We are interested in maintaining the system after installation to give the customer satisfaction.


Design Team

Our team is an integrated persons of various knowledge disciplines from electronics, electrical, acoustic as well as experienced sound engineers.


Installation Team

The system will be installed by well trained and experienced team using world standard tooling kit. Adjustment and tuning which is a most important part is done by dedicated engineer using most advanced measurement devices. The final touch of the system will be also listened by golden ear engineer to guarantee the customer satisfaction.


Services and Support

The after sales service is the most important thing come to our attention. We provide training and warranty of all the equipment installed for a period of time. All necessary things such as drawings, manuals are provided systematically to ensure the user’s easy operation. Whenever it is urgent we lend the equivalent item when the existing one is under repair.

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