Author: kairos multi jaya


ACTIVE TWO-WAY MONITOR The NX M25-A is a high-power, high output, two-way, wide dispersion active sound reinforcement system. The large format compression driver deliver a superior output and offer unique vocal clarity and extremely low distortion. It benefits from the integration of 750 Watt digital amplifier power, control electronics and […]


ACTIVE HIGH OUTPUT TWO-WAY SPEAKER The TT22-A is the most flexible and powerful tool in its class. An extremely careful acoustic design plus the highest quality transducers and powerful amplifier makes this system the perfect solution for live sound situations to playback and monitoring. FEATURES 750 W switching amplifiers Wide, […]


ACTIVE PRECISION MONITOR The TT08-A is by far the smallest member of the TT+ family, whilst being the most flexible and powerful tool in its class. From live sound to playback and monitoring, corporate events and broadcast studios. Though remarkably compact and lightweight, the TT08-A offers an incredible maximum sound […]


HIGH OUTPUT STAGE MONITOR The TT45-SMA is a very high output, high performance, active stage monitor. Perfectly flat amplitude response, extended bass reproduction and incredible output make this monitor unique in the market. The TT45-SMA distinguishes itself for vocal clarity, accurate and detailed high frequency reproduction, perfect feedback stability. The […]


ACTIVE HIGH OUTPUT TWO-WAY SPEAKER The TT25-A offers the highest performance from an active 2 way system. The incredible high output and dynamics, the extreme linearity and accuracy plus the compact size makes the TT25-A the ideal professional speaker for sound reinforcement, live performances and events. FEATURES 1500 W switching […]


ACTIVE PRECISION STAGE MONITOR The TT25-SMA is a full range, high performance coaxial stage monitor. The linear curve response, the consistent coverage and acoustic output make the TT25-SMA the professional choice for most demanding situations. The voicing is accurate and deep, the sound transparent in the mids and extremely accurate […]