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EAW SB2001

Large Format  Subwoofer The stunningly small SB2001 combines other-worldly air moving capability with the application flexibility of the legendary SB1000. The unique configuration of dual high displacement 21 inch woofers allows for the integration of a low turbulence port within a surprisingly compact footprint. The enclosure design additionally integrates sixteen […]

EAW SB1002

Large Format Flyable Subwoofer The SB1002 is a large-format, high-output subwoofer that can be ground-stacked or easily flown via an integral rigging system. The mounting of the dual 18-inch cone drivers maximizes cone area and minimizes front area, providing acoustical performance and physical configuration well suited for creating large sub […]

EAW SB1000z

Large Format Subwoofer The SB1000z (2 x 18-inch) is a direct radiating, high output, large-format subwoofer system proven in complementing high efficiency, full-range loudspeakers. Available in both portable and install versions. Driver mounting maximizes cone area and minimizes frontal area, providing acoustical performance and physical configuration well suited for creating […]


Large Format Flyable Subwoofer The extraordinary NTS250 powered subwoofer is architected to serve as a companion subwoofer for any EAW system. As the name suggests, it is an obvious choice to use in conjunction with the NTL720 compact line array. This professional, high output yet compact and lightweight premium subwoofer […]

EAW MicroSub

MicroSub Stage Monitor The MicroSub joins EAW’s innovative MicroWedge Series, expanding configuration options for this extremely versatile system. The MicroSub is the direct result of extensive research and field evaluation with FOH/monitor engineers, musicans, leading touring companies and audio consultants. The single 15-inch MicroSub is a high-quality, high-output and ultra-compact […]

EAW SB250z

Medium Format Subwoofer The SB250z (dual 15-inch LF) is a vented, high output, mid-size subwoofer system where the solid sound of a dual 15-inch driver is desired, and it works equally well for portable or install applications. It is engineered to complement full-range loudspeakers in a wide range of PA […]