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Exclusive Premade Microphone Cable Made for KMJ by KLOTZ

Exclusive Premade Microphone Cable Made for KMJ by KLOTZ

Sekali lagi, Kairos Multi Jaya sebagai leading company dalam dunia pro audio di Indonesia mendapatkan kepercayaan khusus dari salah satu pabrikan kabel terkemuka di dunia  asal Jerman – Klotz, dengan diproduksinya premade microphone cable yang secara khusus dibuat sesuai dengan pesanan Kairos Multi Jaya untuk pasar Indonesia. Yak! Klotz secara resmi memproduksi high quality XLR / Microphone […]


Flexible and cost efficient: this balanced switch cable with only 3.4 mm overall diameter is perfect for rack wiring and studio cabeling in applications without mechanical stress.The version with a jacket from FRNC is flame retardant and halogen-free.   FEATURES :   stranded conductor 7 x 0.2 mm (AWG 24/7) […]


The MC2000 can handle the toughest requirements of live performance and is an excellent choice for the rental sector. It features all the outstanding characteristics of the MY206 – 0.22 m2 conductor cross-section, spiral shield, superbflexibility,precisetwistingtoavoidelectromagneticinterference – plus an extra-thick PVC outer jacket to give a total diameter of 6.5 […]


The most frequent applications for this balanced cable are fixed wiring ofdigitalequipmentandpatchboardsforprofessionalaudioengineering. The characteristic impedance of 110 ohm makes it suitable for digital symmetrical sound transmission according to the AES3 standard as well as the transmission of DMX signals. The use of foam polyethylene for core insulation results in a […]

The MY250 is ideal for fixed installations, offering a combination of outstanding transmission properties and outstanding mechanical stability. The conductor cross-section of 0.5 mm2 provides for almost totally lossless signal transmission. Its advanced features are designed to prevent interference; a polyethylene intermediate jacket ensures that the core twisting remains perfectly […]


These high-performance speaker multicores were designed for connecting stationary and mobile multipath speaker systems.When used with normal speaker multipin connectors, they shorten setup times and avoid the danger of incorrect cabling.KLOTZ speaker multicores feature sophisticated core stranding technique and PVC outer jackets for maximum flexibility.Cables with polyurethane (PUR) jackets should […]