Anya is born from more than 15 years continuously developing technology that shapes and directs large-scale audio output. Anya adapts total array performance to deliver high SPL coverage with such precision that she largely solves even the most problematic rooms.

With Anya, you almost never have reflections from a large wall because Anya has the ability to adapt her performance with such accuracy that sound does not reach the wall. When fully optimized, an Anya system largely eliminates the room from the equation.

Nor are there any cheap seats. Anya so precisely crafts performance that virtually every location receives powerful, full frequency response. Sculpt the sound beam to reach the top of the farthest balcony, but not the wall just above it. Anya lets you be that exact.

What is Anya?

Anya is not a product, not a thing. Or if she is a thing, she is many things.

The module is not Anya, but Anya is the module. Resolution™ software is not Anya, but Anya is Resolution.

Anya is neither the module nor Resolution, but she is both the module and Resolution. Anya is the intelligence that connects these two things and makes them something new.

As we said before, it’s all very Zen.

Anya Knows Who She Is

As soon as you give her power, Anya organizes the modules in all the arrays and presents them to Resolution software as complex but unified entities. Through Anya, each module, each transducer understands its location in relation to all other modules or transducers.

Except by user choice, Resolution only addresses Anya arrays as unified entities. Anya identifies and addresses individual modules. It is, amongst other things, her job.

Anya Can Self-Assess

Each module carries a set of self-diagnostic tools, both electronic and acoustic. Each module logs and reports a fault should one occur. Anya immediately recognizes the electrical impact of a failed transducer, and she reports the occurrence to control. She also develops an adaptive plan to manage the loss and reports to control for permission to execute. Even during a performance.

When not performing, Anya can test the frequency response of each and every transducer in a module in-situ. She does this with the professional test and measurement microphone built into every module.

When we build a module in our Whitinsville factory, we test each transducer, using the module’s microphone, and store the result in that module. At any time and especially when already deployed, Anya can measure any transducer and compare the response not to a generic reference file, but to that specific transducer’s actual, measured response.

Anya Can Find You 

With all these modules and all this computing power, it’s no great leap for Anya to find you at any location in the venue using her Find Me™ trilateration feature. Just set a measurement microphone in a given location. (Maybe this microphone you provide yourself…)

Using short burst of sound from three separate modules and Smaart™ test and measurement software, Anya can pinpoint any location within a few inches and plot that point on the venue model in Resolution.

Even if there is no model of the venue, a user can simply walk from point to point and tell Anya, “Start the sound there, and stop the sound here.”

Anya is almost alive.


Anya knows what she is. Anya knows where she is. And Anya understands how best to deliver sound in that specific situation. The more information you give her, the better she adapts her performance.

Anya is nearly self-sufficient.


Anya needs three things: AC power, network connectivity to Resolution™ software and audio signal. Each module carries all required amplifier power and signal processing.

Anya works for you.


Anya uses Adaptive Performance™ to deliver custom-sculpted vertical and horizontal coverage with full frequency response at all locations. Very large venues with radical physical dimensions no longer pose insurmountable challenges.

Anya is simple.


One module builds any number of unified, multi-column, straight hung arrays. There is only one way to rig them. There are no angles. There is no “J”. There is no pull-back. There are no side fills.

Anya is powerful.

Each module includes 14 high frequency transducers, six mid frequency transducers and dual 15-in low frequency transducers as well as nearly 10,000 acoustic watts of class D amplifier power.

Anya sees everything.

Anya can cover nearly the entire 180 degree vertical plane. Each column covers 60 degrees. Add columns up to 360°. Adaptive Performance technology allows Anya to control the horizontal coverage of multi-column arrays.

Anya responds.

Anya can reconfigure array performance in situ in a matter of seconds. No more dropping rigs to reconfigure angles. She can diagnose an internal fault and automatically adjust to compensate.

Anya is complete.


Simple, reliable rigging connects modules. Fly bars lock together for easy multi-column hangs. Preconfigured cables use standard connectors. Modules ride up to 4-high on a caster pallet with dimensions that work in standard truck pack configurations.


Download Anya Module Specifications Click Here!