The second generation of Sabine Navigators features a new hardware platform, new remote control software, intuitive wall-mounted remote controls panels, and a broader range of input/output choices for even greater flexibility. The five new Navigators offer fast setup of your production audio rig, easy and secure configuration of your commercial or worship sound system, and complete signal routing for multi-room venues. Steer your way to a better sounding system with the new Sabine Navigators.


The Sabine Navigator line of sound system processors just got bigger and better. Five new models comprise the second generation of Navigators, and they all feature a new hardware platform, new front panel design, new remote control software, and more input/output and control choices for even greater flexibility. What we didn’t change was the superior sound quality, in fact we enhanced it with the edition of 96 KHz sample rates on the top two models, the NAV4802 and the NAV8802.



  • Processor digital broadcast
  • Broadcast management, multi-zone, multi-way LCR, 5.1.
  • parametric EQ, lim / comp time, FBX, auto mixing,
  • Ethernet, mic preamp, 30 presets, remote controllable PC
  • Navigator 8 inputs, 8 outputs, RC, Ethernet, USB / RS232 Euroblock 96Khz