As the heart of one of the most flexible live mixing systems available today, the iLive MixRack is the ‘mixer’, housing the DSP, most of the I/O, networking and control interfaces. It can even be operated without a Surface, for example using just a laptop or touch tablet.  Regardless of size, all feature the same 64×32 RackExtra DSP mix engine and can process a full 64 input channels, 32 mixes and 8 stereo FX.

iLive Modular MixRack, DSP Engine
The MixRack is the heart of the iLive system, housing the DSP, most of the I/O, networking and control interfaces. The compact iDR0 is just a DSP in a rack, perfect when teamed with a larger MixRack using a digital mic split, for example linked FOH/Monitor systems.




  • 2U MixRack – DSP without the audio sockets
  • Audio interfaces via the digital networks
  • Ideal for linked systems using a digital mic split
  • Split FOH/Monitor/Recording/Broadcast applications
  • 64×32 RackExtra DSP with 8 stereo FX
  • RAB2 module with Port A and Port B network options
  • Choose ACE, ES or MADI for Port A Surface link
  • Built in 3 port Ethernet switch
  • MIDI and PL-Anet ports
  • Word clock interface
  • Built in headphone amp with level control
  • External iPS10 redundant power supply option


Please note existing iDR0 users are encouraged to upgrade to the new DSP RackExtra TWO module. This is required for compatibility with the latest iLive V1.9 firmware. Please see here for more information.