Stereo Pro-turntablist DJ Mixer
From inputs to outputs, Allen & Heath created the XONE:02 to be the world’s greatest battle / scratch mixer. Every fader is a deluxe VCA design – they are all reversible, all have contour controls, and they can all be easily replaced by removing the steel faceplate. The fader area has been cleared for action and other controls are out of the way at the top of the mixer, and even the transform switches can be rotated to work the way you like them.


Add to this Allen & Heath’s outstanding sound quality, a choice of plain or patterned faceplate, optional Pro Xfade crossfader, and sturdy construction to withstand any amount of rough handling a scratch DJ can throw at it, and we think we might have succeeded.




  • 4 inputs on 2 dual source stereo channels
  • 1 stereo source switchable between line and RIAA phono input
  • Balanced XLR main mix output with VCA master level control
  • 2 mic inputs on XLR with vocal EQ, FX in/out and independent level control
  • 3-band EQ with +6dB boost and -26dB cut
  • External FX loop with silent FET-switching
  • VCA PAN controls to adjust LR balance or for performance effect
  • Rotatable transform switches for stutter FX
  • VCA crossfader and channel faders with contour control and reverse switches
  • Optional Pro Xfade crossfader
  • Link in and out connections for daisy chaining mixers, recording or booth output
  • Choice of patterned or plain faceplate
  • Advanced cue system with cue/mix select, cue crossfader and large meters