Installation / DJ Mixer
The Xone:S2 is the answer to club installers’ and  bar owners’ prayers.  In addition to the renowned Xone audio and build quality, S2 is packed with features to save venues time, money and hassle. Top of the list is a built-in output level limiter. Once the limiter has been set to the desired maximum level (via the recessed control on the rear panel), the venue owner can relax, knowing that no matter how much the DJ winds up the gain the output will remain constant. This feature alone makes S2 perfect for venues in environmentally sensitive areas, or where less experienced DJs are booked.


Xone:S2 also has a remotely controlled Zone output, enabling staff to independently adjust the level in a separate area of the venue (e.g. in a bar area or lounge). If needed, the manager can even control the entire mix output from their office.


The Xone:S2 also includes circuitry to interface to alarm systems that mute the music channels if triggered, but still leave the Microphone channels open for safety announcements. A separate input for pre-recorded announcements, such as evacuation messages, is also included.


A separate Mono output with a switchable low-pass filter
eliminates the need for a separate cross-over if you want to feed a sub-bass system. The USB audio interface enables playback and
recording to or from a PC/MAC, or can be used to create an FX loop.


  • 4 stereo music channels
  • 2 Mic inputs with inserts (switchable to line)
  • Output Limiter system
  • USB audio send/return
  • Xone Filter system
  • 3 Band Total Kill EQ (+6dB/Off)
  • Remote control Zone feed
  • Alarm Interface
  • Tamper proof input level trims
  • Master Insert point
  • Booth output
  • Mono Feed with Sub-bass filter
  • Front panel Auxiliary stereo input
  • Linear or Rotary faders