An Installation Amplifier without Compromise

Installed or on tour, uncompromising quality begins with supe- rior sound. Over the past decade, the sound of Lab.gruppen ampli- fiers has earned praise from renowned FOH engineers and owners of the world’s premier sound rental companies. At the core of the C Series high-power* model’s tight and transparent sound is patented Class TD technology. As a proprietary implementation of tracking Class D, Class TD approaches the exceptional efficiency of Class D while retaining the superior sonic quality of the best Class B output stages.

A Regulated Switch Mode Power Supply (R.SMPS) contributes to the remarkable efficiency of the C Series high-power models, while at the same time providing stable operation even with wide fluctuations in mains voltage. R.SMPS also works in conjunction with Class TD to give extraordinary power density. More channels with more power are condensed into a smaller package, allowing C Series amplifiers to minimize rack space requirements and reduce installation costs.




▸  Unprecedented power density – Total output of 1600 W (4 ohms) in a 2U cabinet
▸  Four channels – All channels bridgeable for 2- or 3-channel configurations
▸  Lo-Z or Hi-Z (70 V / 100 V) – Selectable per channel, normal or bridged
▸  Patented Class TD amplifier topology
▸  Voltage Peak Limiter (VPL ) – Configurable per channel to

optimize each output for connected loads

▸  Phoenix-type input connectors
▸  Screw terminal output connectors
▸  Comprehensive protection and warning – Excessive output current, DC, high temperature, very high frequency (VHF), short circuit, open load, mains fuse protection, and soft start
▸  Efficient and uniform Intercooler® cooling
▸  NomadLink® network ready