An Installation Amplifier without Compromise

Lab.gruppen amplifiers have earned an enviable worldwide reputa- tion for sonic excellence and rock-solid durability in touring sound ap- plications. These same qualities are now available for a broad range of installed sound applications in the C 5:4X amplifier. By offering an unmatched combination of channel density, operating efficiency and configuration flexibility, the C 5:4X presents convincing performance and cost-saving advantages. Applications include primary systems for theme parks, shopping malls, airports, hotels and restaurants as well as auxiliary systems for performance venues, houses of worship and numerous other installed sound applications.

To achieve higher channel density without compromising per- formance, Lab.gruppen engineers developed a new output stage design. Based on a patented Class D circuit topology, these output stages produce sustained high power levels with very low distortion while maintaining efficiency levels of near 90%. A new universal switching power supply employs Power Factor Correction (PFC) to stabilize current draw, and it accepts any mains voltage from 100 – 240 V (+/- 10%) @ 50 Hz or 60 Hz through the appropriate IEC cord.




  • Four channels in 2U – High channel density reduces space requirements and installation time
  • High continuous output power of 125 W per channel at 70 V, 4 ohms, 8 ohms, and 16 ohms*
  • All channels individually selectable for lo-Z or hi-Z Loudspeakers (2 ohm – 16 ohm) and distributed systems can be connected to the same unit
  • Bridged operation – Channel pairs bridgeable for increased output or for driving 100 V systems
  • Patented output stage based on Class D topology
  • High efficiency for lower thermal stress
  • General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) – Compatible with third-party control systems
  • NomadLink® network ready
  • Universal Power Factor Corrected PSU with IEC inlet
  • Efficient cooling – Dual variable speed, intelligent fans and parallel airflow over output devices provide uniform cooling
  • Comprehensive circuit protection and fault indication
  • Phoenix-style input connectors and barrier strip output connectors