Powering the SD7 is our latest in high density digital processing, the all-new Stealth mixing and routing engine, exclusive to DiGiCo. Based on the latest incarnation of FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) technology, known as Super FPGA  it’s a core component of the SD7’s quantum leap in console design. Allied to three of the latest generation of SHARC® effects and control processors, it endows the console with a staggering eight times the overall processing power of the industry standard D5 Live.



The SD7 worksurface combines many technologies from other industries such as, Hidden-til-lit (HTL). These are seamlessly integrated into the surface to give the most informative and interactive experience a sound engineer has ever encountered. From high resolution totally interactive meterbridges to multicoloured knobs and switches, the user has immediate information relevant to what he is working on.
The worksurface consists of 3 – 15″ High resolution touch screens. Each having 12 faders assigned.  Just below the master screen is a further 12 that can be asigned or used for adjustment of the on board Graphic Equalisers. There are a further four assignable faders in the master section giving a total fader count of 52. There are also multicoloured display switches for instant access to layers and functions.



The benefits are to be found not only in the high resolution audio processing that makes 128 simultaneous 192kHz signal paths readily achievable, or 256 at 48kHz/96kHz, but limitless flexibility too. Make the most of 448 simultaneous optical and 224 MADI and 24 analogue and AES/EBU connections, plus 128 busses, 32 matrix busses, 32 graphic equalisers, up to 48 stereo effects units, to build the biggest and most complex shows.
All input paths include Delay, Hi and Lo pass filters (24dB/Octave), DiGi-Tube, 4 band Parametric Eq with Dynamic EQ on each band, a multiband compressor and gate.
All output paths include Delay, 8 band Parametric Eq with Dynamic EQ on 4 bands, a multiband compressor and gate.


SoundGrid Ready

With the new DiGiCo SoundGrid module added to your SD7 console and linked to an external PC server, you’ll have instant access to up to 32 fully integrated low latency Waves stereo processor racks on the SD8, perfect for either front-of-house or monitors.Plus, once registered, you can use your TDM plugins collections too!
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As standard the SD7 comes with one optical loop (a second is available as an extra cost option). There is also 4 full redundant MADI ports. The worksurface itself has integral I/O of 12 analogue inputs, 12 analogue outputs and 12 AES I/O (mono). This gives a total of nearly 1400 audio connections that are possible to an SD7 worksurface. This coupled with a second engine enable full redundancy not only of the audio path but also the operating system and worksurface control.


Most Popular Systems

The 56EX system
comprises the console worksurface with 2 engines plus flightcase, local I/O fitted with 12 inputs, 12 outpits and 12 AES I/O. A DiGiRack with 56-in, 40-out and 16 AES I/O. 2 x 150mtr. drum of fibre optic cable and a 5mtr. fibre optic connection between engines.