“Cutting-edge” and “Flagship” are two terms often associated with Denon DJ. From the revolutionary spinning platter design of the DN-S5000 to the worldwide standard for mobile CD playback – the DN-D4500; Denon DJ has paved the way by applying numerous technological advances and features to products designed for the working DJ. The new DN-X1700 is no exception.




  • The X1700 is the most versatile and best sounding 4-Channel fully Digital DJ Mixer on the planet today
  • Worlds First Professional DJ Mixer with Audiophile 32-Bit DAC Output
  • USB MIDI Interface: Controls any DJ software with MIDI mapping capabilities on a PC/MAC
  • 2 Independent Effectors w/ 12 Effects available for each sending channel (EFX SEND 1/2)
  • Traditional high performance and Denon rugged construction, with Studio
  • Quality Components & Specifications (made in Japan)
  • Independent 3-Band Isolator EQ with Kills (High-Mid-Low)
  • 2-way EFX Parameter Filter (LPF/HPF)
  • Dual Layer Control Available – MIDI / Normal Audio
  • 2 Mic Input with Ducking level control
  • Dual Power Transformer construction for best possible audio specifications (Digital/Analog sections)
  • Extensive Utility Menu to customize user settings
  • Limiter ON/OFF function w/adjustable threshold (great for Club installers)