Integrated Mixer-Amplifier

The EAW Commercial CAM160 integrated audio mixer and power amplifier (160 watts) offers six actively balanced combination mic/line inputs as well as individual adjustable potentiometers for line level input, mic level input and mic level input with 24-volt DC phantom power. Input 1 also offers the flexibility of an integrated transformer for connection to telephone paging systems. Two levels or priority can be established through Inputs 1 and 2 and can be initiated with external contact closures or adjustable signal threshold levels. An adjustable pre-announcement chime is also included. Easy to use front panel controls. Low and high EQ controls offer 12 dB of boost or cut at 100 Hz and 10 kHz, respectively. Provides 160 watts of output power at 100-volt, 70.7-volt, 25-volt and 4 ohms.




  • Comprehensive feature set – no need for expensive add-ons
  • Transformer-balanced telephone paging
  • Signal processing loop
  • Internal fault activated relay
  • 4 ohm, 25V, 70.7V, 100V output
  • Automatic changeover to 24V DC backup power
  • Universal power supply
  • UL Approved