Ceiling Loudspeaker

The CIS120 is a high-output ceiling-mounted loudspeaker particularly well-suited for high-ceiling spaces and open structures, incorporating a 12-inch coaxial driver that delivers highly coherent point-source reproduction as well as superior low-frequency dispersion. It’s supplied with an integral 70.7/100-volt line transformer rated at a maximum of 128 watts, with tap settings adjustable via a recessed rotary switch on the front bezel. Tap options include 128, 64, 32, and 16 watts (as well as 128, 64, and 32 watts at 100 volts), and the transformer can also be bypassed to present an 8-ohm load to low-impedance systems. The included steel back can is designed to mount in 24-inch ceiling grids, while the baffle assembly has an integrated mounting system, provided with the transducer installed and including all components for mating to the back can.




  • High-output 12-inch coaxial design
  • Superior intelligibility and LF dispersion
  • Includes 70.7/100-volt transformer
  • Numerous tap options; also 8-ohm operation
  • Integrated mounting system