The world of commercial and installed sound has just become much simpler. The DX1208 incorporates EAW’s next-generation DSP in an easy-to-use, rack-mountable unit. The DX1208’s expandability options, deep feature set and I/O options allow for smoother workflow and less hassles than ever possible before.
The DX1208 Digital Matrix Mixer is perfectly suited for a variety of commercial and installed sound applications. Eight inputs can handle either mic or line signals, with selectable 48-volt phantom power per input. These eight inputs, and the eight outputs, are accessed using Euroblock detachable connectors. The additional four inputs utilize unbalanced RCA connectors, allowing the user to “stack” inputs — increasing the number of available analog audio sources.
In addition, four digital inputs are available via S/PDIF connectors, capable of receiving sample rates ranging from 32 kHz to 96 kHz, with sample rate conversion to 48 kHz for internal processing functions. All inputs are accessible through the audio matrix, with DSP functions assignable prior to distributing signal at line level.
Expanding a DX1208 system for zone expansion or additional channel count is as simple as connecting another DX1208. You can link up to eight DX1208 units using the 16-channel DX Link, which is integrated into every unit. Using a ring topology network, DX Link allows you to transfer up to 16 channels of audio between DX1208s, drastically minimizing the number of audio sources needed to drive the maximum number of output zones.
The DX1208 can also receive up to six logic inputs and send up to three logic outputs, combined on a single 18-pin connector and programmable via the included DX Navigator control software. Control of the DX1208 via third party systems (i.e., AMX and Crestron) is easily attained with a serial connection (DB9) on the rear panel.
Two different remotes are available (UR-1 and UR-2) for system control. Up to 10 remotes can be attached, each individually addressable, via a remote control port on the rear panel. Remotes should be mounted in user-supplied, single-gang J-boxes.
The DX1208 includes DX Navigator control software, allowing users to access all of the system settings and configurations. EQ filters, gates, compressors/limiters, auto-mixing, priority assignment, delay, gain and crossovers are all included in the processing package. In addition, up to 24 programmable presets are available per DX1208. The programming interface is extremely flexible, allowing for USB, Ethernet or DB9 connection. The DX1208 features a universal power supply (100-240VAC, 50/60Hz).




  • 32-bit DSP and 24-bit Analog/Digital Conversion
  • 8 balanced Mic/Line Inputs
  • 4 unbalanced Line inputs
  • 4 digital input channels via S/PDIF
  • 6 Programmable logic inputs, 3 Programmable logic outputs
  • 16 channel DX Link expansion buss
  • USB, Ethernet, and RS-232 connectivity