JFL118 Subwoofer

The JFL118 is a light weight, high-powered, single 18 inch, flyable subwoofer that is designed to extend the low frequency response of the companion JFL210 full range line array loudspeaker. JFL118 subwoofers may be ground stacked, flown as part of a JFL210 array, or flown separately alongside a JFL210 array. Integral, proprietary rigging will suspend up to six any combination JFL118 / JFL210 enclosures with a 10:1 design factor.

The optional FB121 fly bar includes multiple pick points which allow users to easily set an array’s tilt angle. The JFL118 also includes M10 threaded suspension points that allow users to deploy arrays in permanently installed applications by means of cost-effective, forged shoulder eyebolts.




  • JFL210 companion subwoofer.
  • Simple-to-use rigging allows flown and ground-stacked arrays to be constructed with ease.
  • Built to EAW construction standards: rugged enclosure, sturdy finish and reinforced steel grille stands up to road abuse.
  • Ideal for a wide range of portable and installed AV applications.