Small Format Array Loudspeaker

The KF200NT premium 100° conical, 3-way loudspeaker packs more capability and application flexibility into an ultra-compact package. The integration of premium neodymium components and a premium co-axial mid/high frequency component into an adaptable enclosure offers unprecedented performance and utility. The KF200NT consists of a single 10-inch woofer with 2.5-inch voice coil and a coaxial mid-high driver consisting of 8-inch cone MF with 2-inch voice coil, and 1.75-inch voice coil compression driver HF. The KF200NT includes the option for permanent installation via multiple M10 permanent installation points and features 1500 Watts of amplification, EAW Focusing processing, software-accessible DSP, the proprietary U-Net network and a readily adaptable enclosure design.




  • 3-way full range
  • Integrated pole cup
  • Permanent install points (multiple M10 points)
  • External rigging options (yoke, truss adapter, etc)
  • Stage monitor capabilities (using Adjustable Leg Accessory)
  • Universal Rigging