Long-Throw LF Loudspeaker
The KF930F is a dedicated LF module engineered for use with Phase PointSource Technology digital signal processing in the creation of PPST arrays. The system comprises two cells each consisting of two specially designed 15-in low frequency cones loaded “magnets out” on angled baffles to maximize acoustical coupling of the drivers. Both horizontal and vertical coverage are determined by PPST processing. PPST processing allows the use of a variety of directivity enhancing schemes including line arrays and EAW’s Tuned Dipolar Array technology. Properly PPST settings can also maximize low frequency output and LF extension. A toggle switch controls the KF930’s only passive filtering which provides appropriate settings for modules located in inner or outer columns.




  • Low Frequency
  • 4 x 15 in woofers in push-pull cells
  • Installation & Touring