MicroSub Stage Monitor

The MicroSub joins EAW’s innovative MicroWedge Series, expanding configuration options for this extremely versatile system. The MicroSub is the direct result of extensive research and field evaluation with FOH/monitor engineers, musicans, leading touring companies and audio consultants. The single 15-inch MicroSub is a high-quality, high-output and ultra-compact stage and small venue subwoofer designed to address the unique low-frequency sonic territory often ignored under traditional stage monitor setups.



Designed to accommodate a wide variety of stage applications, the MicroSub features integrative design features like bumper padding and side recesses, allowing the MicroSub to interlock with the MW12, MW15 and, of course, other MicroSub units. The cabinet height is exactly half of the cabinet width when the MicroSub is laid flat and the driver is mounted at 45-degrees. These design features facilitate a wide variety of configurations.



Due to its small profile, the MicroSub serves as an excellent side fill sub, as its 13-inch height is the perfect base for the top cabinets. When placed on the stage next to the drum riser, the MicroSub points directly at the drummer. As the chief timekeeper of the band, the drummer will benefit from the additional clarity and punch provided by this orientation.



The MicroSub’s Baltic birch enclosure features EAW’s proprietary RoadCoat™ finish, proven to be highly resistant to dings and scratches. And the rugged steel grille protects the liquid-tolerant transducer components, even when stood upon.



For optimal performance, it is tuned at 35Hz, operating in the range from 27Hz to 150Hz. It features external DSP with one-way filter. Axial SPL Sensitivity is 92dB (LF – whole space) or 98dB (half space) at 27-150 Hz. Nominal input impedance is 8 Ohms LF, with minimum input impedance of 7.6 Ohms at 165Hz. The unit’s High Pass Filter is a 12db/octave Butterworth filter at 28Hz. Able to produce high sound pressure levels, the MicroSub has a calculated SPL Axial Output Limit of 122dB average/128dB peak (LF – whole space) or 128dB average/134dB peak (half space).




  • Designed with the drummer in mind
  • Addresses the unique environment of onstage low frequency demands
  • Angle in conjunction with time delay offers numerous focusing options
  • Enclosure is a high-quality, high-volume, ultra-versatile stage and small venue subwoofer
  • Flexibility to be configured in a huge range of different combinations