Surface Mount Loudspeaker

The SMS1990 two-way loudspeaker (2 x 3-inch woofers) features EAW’s Theta Technology that utilizes tuned driver spacing to create LF pattern control by placing pairs of smaller woofers symmetrically around the HF subsystem. The result is wide, well-controlled horizontal dispersion, meaning fewer loudspeakers are needed per project. Speech intelligibility is also enhanced. All connections are supplied by the proprietary Clip-Fit mount system – the wall-mount unit is pre-mounted, and the installer then just “clips” the loudspeakers onto the Clip-Fit arm. The wall-mount unit has an approximate range of 63 degrees (pan) by 78 degrees (tilt). Basic installations can utilize U-bracket mounting.




  • 2 x 3 in woofers
  • 1 x 1 in dome tweeter
  • 90° x 90° dispersion
  • Theta Technology provides superior sonic performance
  • Convenient Clip-Fit or U-bracket mounting