Surface Mount Loudspeaker

The two-way SMS2124 (4 x 3-inch LF, 2 x 2-inch HF, 120-degree by 40-degree coverage pattern) incorporates proprietary Theta Technology™, with the LF drivers configured in a precise arrangement to provide excellent pattern control and coherency below the LF/HF crossover. The LF drivers also couple at lower frequencies, providing LF output of a much larger driver without sacrificing sound quality through the crossover region.



The SMS2124 is designed for surface mounting using the proprietary Clip-Fit™ system. All connections for the loudspeaker are contained within the Clip-Fit wall-mount unit via a single Molex connector, with the wall-mount unit pre-mounted at the preferred position on a wall. The installer then just “clips” the loudspeakers onto the Clip-Fit arm, and in one motion, the audio connection is terminated and the loudspeaker is live. The wall-mount unit offers a pan/tilt positioning range for precise aiming. For basic installations, SMS loudspeakers are also provided with U-brackets.




  • 4 x 3 in woofers
  • 2 x 2 in cone tweeter
  • 120° x 40° dispersion
  • Theta Technology provides superior sonic performance
  • Convenient Clip-Fit or U-bracket mounting
  • Crossover optimized for speech intelligibility
  • UV/weather resistant HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) enclosure
  • U-bracket included