Of all the problems you can have with your audio system, nothing is more obvious or annoying to the audience than feedback. You do not need “Golden Ears” to know something is wrong. Thanks to the Sabine FBX Feedback Exterminator, this problem is solved. The FBX makes a significant improvement in your sound – it’s a difference you can really hear. Quite simply the FBX gives you the single most important function of sound reinforcement: gain before feedback. And that gain comes with increased clarity and all the mobility you need for your wireless microphones…



  • SMARTFilter Technology
  • Super-fast Automatic Feedback Control
  • QuickandQuietSetup
  • Accurately distinguishes music from feedback
  • Places filters with 1Hz resolution
  • Transparent – leaves your sound clear and untouched
  • Providesmoregainbefore feedback (6 to 9dB typical)
  • 24-bitDigitalResolution
  • Three-color LED filter display
  • 12 Filters per channel
  • FlexibleFilterControls
  • Timed or Manual Dynamic Filter Reset
  • XLR & 1⁄4”TRS inputs/outputs
  • Unbelievable new price!