Since Sabine first invented digital feedback control in 1991, FBX Feedback Exterminators have set the standard for transparent and reliable automatic feedback control. Now Sabine is proud to announce the next generation of automatic feedback controllers: the FBX1200 and FBX2400, now with SMARTFilterTM technology.



  • SMARTFilter Technology
  • Super-fast Automatic Feedback Control
  • QuickandQuietSetup
  • Accurately distinguishes music from feedback
  • Places filters with 1Hz resolution
  • Transparent – leaves your sound clear and untouched
  • Providesmoregainbefore feedback (6 to 9dB typical)
  • 24-bitDigitalResolution
  • Three-color LED filter display
  • 12 Filters per channel
  • FlexibleFilterControls
  • Timed or Manual Dynamic Filter Reset
  • XLR & 1⁄4”TRS inputs/outputs
  • Unbelievable new price!