The Radial JD7 Injector is a guitar signal distribution amplifier and routing device housed in a standard 19” rack mount enclosure that allows a guitar signal to drive as many as seven (7) different devices such as guitar amplifiers, effect pedals and modelers. Any or all of these may be individually selected with the simple push of a button allowing one to create hundreds of combinations to spur-on the creative process.


Central to the Radial JD7 is the ultra-clean Class-A signal path. The proprietary unity-gain circuit was developed specifically for high-impedance instruments where retaining the natural characteristic of the instrument is critical. In our view, changing the tone of a ’57 Strat is not an option. There are no op-amps or integrated circuits in the audio path. We employ the highest quality discrete components with Jensen® Transformers on the isolated outputs for the lowest possible distortion and optimal sonic performance.


To further enhance the natural feel, the Radial JD7 introduces Drag™, a control that allows one to reintroduce the relationship between the guitar pickup and the amplifier that is invariably lost when amplifying or buffering the signal. Here’s the scoop: When you connect a guitar directly to an amplifier, the guitar pickup and the amplifier for a circuit that plays a unique role in the sound. The JD7 is in fact a signal amplifier that when placed in between the guitar and amplifier alters this relationship. All of a sudden, the pickup sees a perfect load while the amplifier sees a perfect source. The natural relationship is lost. Drag allows you to correct the problem by adjusting the load on the pickups. With a single control, one can ‘dial-in’ whatever amount of Drag sounds right. Best of all, Drag is extremely musical.