The Liquid Channel transports classic front-end processing into the digital age, removing the need for endless patching and adding fluidity and reliability to the studio environment. Quite simply, The Liquid Channel is every mic pre and compressor combination in history, inside a single 192kHz 2U device.

This is achieved through a unique two-part process. Firstly, the use of dynamic convolution techniques is applied, utilising lightning fast SHARC chips applying unique level-dependent impulse responses to every sample of audio. However, whilst this is more than sufficient to identically re-synthesise a compressor’s sonic behaviour, in order to replicate precisely every subtle nuance, the preamplifier must physically match the way in which the classic unit interacts with a given microphone. The Liquid Channel’s solution to this problem lies in its vast analogue front-end. A preamp with the ability to change its impedance and vary its signal path to either transformer or electronic, perfectly replicating the interaction characteristics of the original, whilst remaining entirely transparent within the signal path.

The Liquid Channel can therefore replicate precisely the sound of any classic mic pre and compressor. With entirely digital front panel controls, all parameters can be saved in one of ninety-nine user memories, meaning that entire session set-ups can all be recalled at the touch of a button. A brand new digital EQ is also available, providing a comprehensive and truly ‘liquid’ channel strip.




40 mic pres and 40 compressors

The Liquid Channel comes loaded with forty classic mic-pre and forty classic compressor emulations, with an expanding library online.

Best of both worlds

The Liquid Channel fuses cutting-edge analogue design with lightning fast SHARC DSP to deliver the finest preamp emulations possible.

Digital head, analogue heart

The Liquid Channel uses an analogue preamp front-end to match the input impedance and signal path of the device being emulated before applying dynamic convolution for amplification characteristics.

Global Recall

100 programme memories allow you to save every parameter, whilst the file format provides easy transfer of these settings to other Liquid Channel users.

Remote Control

Free software application LiquidControl™ allows comprehensive remote operation and archiving facility of emulations and programme memories.

192kHz ADC/DAC as standard

The Liquid Channel features the finest conversion paths possible, ensuring the audio is unaffected whilst dynamic convolution is applied in the digital domain.

Not all vintage units are born equal

So the ‘Harmonics’ dial lets you account for variance in vintage originals, or use levels of 2nd, 3rd and 5th Harmonic distortion creatively.