Many products company Sabine Navigator aims to facilitate the work of more than engineers or producer. It is a rack processors, in addition to equalization, feedback suppression, compression and editing feature Crossover cast that volume, mixer and routing unit (speaker management).


Navigator Series products are available in several versions. Models with controls on the front complete models with empty front – All models can be controlled is through the USB, RS232 or Ethernet.


Sabine Navigator is a complete I / O digital system designed for professional use. This corresponds to the technology and 32-bit floating point processor and 24-bit converters. Many navigator is also designed so that it can simultaneously use all functions, the user is therefore not limited. Thanks to all the channels you can “hang” suppressive feedback and compressors without worrying that the unit will not prosecute.


Each channel is equipped with a feedback suppressor FBX Feedback Exterminator, which allows to achieve a more balanced sound without worrying about annoying whistling. There is also a compressor with independent start-up, run-down and the threshold, again for each channel. Routing can be set in any combination when configuring the unit.


The things that the designers in the development of Sabine Navigator sosutředili is easy to control. Interface offers two different display modes: matrix (Matrix) or traditional mixing (Mixer). Built-in backlit LCD display because of its size displays all the necessary info. Of course there is the ability to create, save and re-load presets.



  • Professional and surround routing processor (EQ, feedback suppression, switches, compressor, speaker management, mixing function)
  • Configuration 4-in / 8-out
  • 32-bit processor
  • 24-bit converters
  • Sampling frequency 96kHz
  • No restrictions on the use of functions
  • Osmipásmový equalizer (parametric, shelving, high / low pass) for each channel
  • FBX Feedback Exterminator for suppressing feedback for each channel
  • Compressor / Limiter and gain control for each channel
  • Two display modes: matrix (Matrix) or traditional mixer (Mixer)
  • Ability to connect inputs and outputs in any combination (all in all)
  • Storage of 30 preset
  • Upgrade the firmware
  • Control unit via RS232, USB or Ethernet