Sabine Navigator processors can be operated using the Navigator remote control software or the wall panel NAVRC-100. The panels need to be installed in cavity walls, a 2-fold-empty box of American design. Each panel has control keys, and a backlit LCD display visibility on the operating parameters.


To operate a navigator with a NAVRC-100, you need a model with a Navigator Rj45 remote port (-R option). The connection of the control panel is done via a standard Cat5 cable, which carries the required power already. In this case, the maximum distance between Navigator and NAVRC-100 65 meters. Up to 32 panels can be connected to a navigator, a plurality of panels are further connected to a Cat 5 cable.


With one, two navigators NAVRC100 also be controlled simultaneously. For the configuration of the panel, a special Windows ® software that can be created with the custom user menu. The configuration required for serial interface is supplied with the control panel.


The following parameters of the navigator can be controlled with the NAVRC-100:

  • Signal MUTE
  • Signal Level
  • Signal polarity
  • Signal Delay
  • EQ frequency
  • mixer
  • Program selection, calling presets