The wildly popular Nocturn control surface now has keys! The Nocturn 25 gives you 25 synth-action keys, so you can record your favorite virtual instruments. And now, you’ve also got better visual feedback than ever. On top of having LED-ringed encoders and backlit buttons that give you instant information, the Nocturn 25 comes with Automap software that displays the entire control surface on your computer screen for easy big-screen viewing. It features 25 high-quality Fatar “Fast Touch” keys, complete with velocity sensitivity, aftertouch, and separate pitch/modulation wheels, for more expressive playing with the Nocturn 25.




33 MIDI assignable controls
8 trigger pads, 8 dials, 14 buttons, modulation wheel. Sustain and expression pedal control can also be added.
See exactly what you are controlling
Automap software allows you to instantly ‘learn’ controls to plug-ins. The software edit page graphically displays Nocturn Keyboard’s control surface on your computer monitor
A control surface that feeds information back to you
LEDs around encoders and behind buttons show you the values of parameters on your plug-in/sequencer without having to look up.
Touch sensitive controls
Touch sensitive controls mean you can reveal what they are controlling, or re-assign them, without having to move or change their value.
Instant control of your software
Speed Dial encoder will instantly control whatever the cursor is pointing at, so you have instantaneous control of anything on the screen.
Automap Control Software