The revolutionary unit for automated audio messaging and video

DEVA is a patented multifunctional device that enables audio messaging and video capturing. It is equipped with several sensors (microphone, presence detector, twilight switch, accelerometer) and accessories (e.g. LED lights). Its highly efficient design limits power consumption to the point of allowing uninterrupted use powered by the internal rechargeable battery alone. A latest generation solar panel can quickly recharge the battery even in low light conditions. DEVA’s enclosure has been specifically designed to protect the internal circuitry from exposure to the atmospheric elements (temperature, radiation, humidity and dust): an ideal solution for outdoor applications. Moreover, the unit is manufactured using a flame-resistant plastic, compliant with the standard UL 94 – V0.


Powersoft DEVA
Powersoft DEVA


DEVA can connect to a config/control device such as a tablet or smartphone, or to a network-connected PC in many ways. The connection method can be both wired (via Ethernet) or wireless, either short-range (e.g. WiFi, Bluetooth) or long-range (e.g. GSM,GPRS, UMTS).


DEVA can be used in a wide range of applications, from background music to paging, in combination with video and/or audio surveillance. Depending on hardware equipment and software setup, various application-specific configurations of DEVA are possible. With standard WiFi 802.11n communication and ‘green’ solar power rechargeable batteries on board, DEVA is independent from any existing infrastructure. Light weight and compact, the unit can be installed quickly on walls or poles, permanently or temporarily.


Its ease of deployment and the use of solar energy make DEVA the perfect solution for smart cities, where modern communication technologies and a clever use of natural resources are of paramount importance.




  • Distribution of audio signal remotely across large areas (e.g. background music, paging)
  • Audio/video surveillance of large areas with integrated microphone and camera
  • All-in-one, completely self-contained, no wiring infrastructure required at all
  • Light-weight, compact, easy to install permanently as well as temporarily
  • WiFi 802.11n capable for setup, upload and bi-directional real-time operation
  • Weather-resistant for permanent outdoor use, ‘green’ solar power
  • Flame retardant, conform to standard UL 94 – V0
  • Extremely efficient for long periods of operation and stand-by:
    • High-capacity battery, charges even in low-light conditions
    • Audio diffusion with ultra-efficient Class D amplifier and transducers
    • Energy-efficient high-power white LED for support lighting or optical signaling
  • Audio playback / ‘live’ paging:
    • Playback of locally stored audio (internal SD memory card)
    • Real-time feeds via WiFi or Bluetooth (music, announcements)
  • Internal ports for backup and external devices: Ethernet (incl. PoE), USB
  • Individually addressable, plus grouping of multiple devices (zoning)
  • Remote PC software for highly customizable setup and operation
  • Additional functions available with optional modules (e.g. GSM, GPRS, GPS, UMTS, FM tuner and various sensors)
  • No maintenance required