The TTL11A is an active column speaker array system composed by two modules, one for the mid-high and one for the bass frequencies.
The TTL11A-H is the HF module and is equipped with four 2.5” neodymium compression drivers with 1.5” exit throat. The TTL11A-B is the bass frequency section of the system and features four 8” neodymium woofers with 2.5” voice coil for a perfect and powerful mid-bass response. With the addition of the new TTS26-A subwoofer, the TTL11A system becomes a powerful, compact and high definition live sound system.

  • 4000 Watt, 9 way amplification
  • 4 x 1.4″ titanium dome neo c. drivers, 2.5″ v.c.
  • 3 x 8″ neo midranges, 2.5″ v.c.
  • 4 x 8″ neo woofers, 2.5″ v.c.
  • 96 Khz, 32 bit DSP processing
  • Digital steering down to -10°
  • 1° step steering control
  • RDNet ready
  • Beam forming, time delay controls